We will help to secure your website

We offer protection for websites and e-commerce against attacks and frauds

Are you sure your online assets are properly protected?

Do you know how many things can affect your online business?

Have you secured adequate to existing risks, your servers, mailboxes and administration panels against unauthorized access?

Is your domain properly configured or maybe you are using shared hosting and attackers have direct access to crucial server ports?

Do you know what vulnerabilities your services contain that hackers can use to attack your business.

Is the connection to your website encrypted or you expose excessive data? Maybe personal data of users or transactions?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered and this is a good starting point in securing you online assets.

Consequences of an attack on your assets

You’ve probably heard of large data leaks or hacker attacks. Unfortunately, everyone is exposed to this danger.

The consequences may vary depending on the type of attack.

All data stored on the server can be deleted. You may lose access to your website or email. 

Your clients’ personal information may be disclosed, which not only harms your reputation, but can also cause huge fines.

On the other hand, someone can impersonate you and convince your clients to transfer money to the wrong bank accounts or simply use your website and mailbox to send malware worldwide.

Regardless of the scenario, ultimately you and your company will suffer the most consequences. Don’t let this happen.

Take action today and check the security of your site. Prevent attacks before they occur and cause damage.

It is worth taking care of securing access to your website, store and data

How to secure your business?

Vulnerability scan

Automatically checks for vulnerabilities that hackers see on the internet and can use to attack. It shows where to implement security and what to improve in the performance of the website. We use the best scanners and methods such as those used by hackers, which allows us to detect threats

Mailboxes and access

We check the configuration of mailboxes and access to services. We verify the use and security of emails. We check the possibility of unauthorized access to e-mail and secure against spoofing. We verify the list of access to services by eliminating unauthorized persons

Server and hosting security

We check server security, accessible from outside the service, the possibility of unauthorized access to data. We verify backup methods and alternatives in the event of service access being cut off

Domain configuration

We check the correctness of the domain setting, DNS, implementation of the SSL certificate, used subpages and working services, documents left behind. We verify redirects, similar domains and services that may impersonate your business. We secure your address on the internet

Password security and access assurance

We verify the security of passwords used by employees and service, access to a list of all services and their security. We provide secure access to all services that the company has. We check password and account leaks

Page visibility

What can you learn about the company and its employees from the internet? Does the company information available on the web inspire customer confidence. Does website optimization ensure visibility and proper positioning? Do SEO settings allow good visibility?

"The risk of falling victim to cybercrime or a cyberattack is increasing. Concern is the growing asymmetry between the know-how needed to commit a cybercrime or launch a cyberattack, and the skills needed to defend against it. The crime-as-a-service model has lowered the barriers of entry to the cybercriminal market: individuals without the technical knowledge to build them can now rent botnets, exploit kits or ransomware packages."
Challenges to effective cybersecurity policy

Increasing the company's digital security


New threats appear on the network, discovered by hackers. We offer a security monitoring service. Thanks to it you will be sure that the condition of your services is not compromised, the systems are updated and nobody checks the vulnerability of your website or store.

In-depth approval of vulnerabilities

Many vulnerabilities can be stitched deep into the structure of your store or website. An in-depth vulnerability check eliminates more advanced errors and threats. A comprehensive check of all services allows you to ensure full security. We use trusted methodologies and extensive experience

Personal cyber security

We protect key people in your company against attacks. We check the security of her computers, phones, password security and personal data available on the network. We check whether the data has not leaked. We introduce security in communication, encryption of Internet and voice connections. Thanks to this, no one will be able to impersonate key personnel or use confidential data for fraud

Home-office protection

If your employees connect to your resources over the internet, you can use your own services. Are you sure that their computers are not infected and that communication with you is not overheard? We implement employee computer security and provide encryption of communications.

Service efficiency

We check the performance of your services. Incorrect configurations can cause not only the risk of DDoS attacks, but also affect the functioning of your website or store. Better configuration also reduces operating costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Cloud migration

Moving services to the cloud allows you to optimize costs and increase security. However, it is important to properly configure the services and prevent unauthorized access to company data. We will help you move and optimize your cloud services, increasing their efficiency and security.

Infrastructure security

Securing the facility in which you operate is important to cyber security. Storing data or having unsecured devices connected to the network may result in data leakage or stopping access to the company's services. We verify the security of access to the office, warehouse, check the state of security and equipment.

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